Adriano Koch



As anticipation continues to build around the release of the groundbreaking album "Bloom" in 2024, fans and critics alike are eager to delve into the creative world of this extraordinary musician. With the first single slated for release on May 26th, 2023, the album is set to captivate listeners with its unique blend of electronic and neoclassical music, alongside deeply personal and artistic themes.

The artist's creative process is characterized by a deep connection with the human experience, embracing vulnerability and imperfection. During an interview, the musician reveals a desire to capture the human elements behind the music, such as his own breath, the creaking of a chair, and the sounds of his hands. This intentional focus on the raw aspects of performance serves to create an intimate and authentic listening experience.

In discussing the creation of "Bloom," the artist speaks about the concept of imperfection and how it serves as an essential component of his artistic vision. He believes that these imperfections, when captured in his music, create a sense of authenticity that resonates with listeners on a deeper level. This idea is exemplified in his recording techniques, which often involve using older, less polished equipment to capture the raw, human element in his music.

"When You Came To Me," a standout track on the album, showcases the artist's innovative approach to recording. This song was recorded in a single take during a period of emotional turmoil. The listener can audibly hear the artist's emotional state and the surrounding environment, creating an intimate connection between the musician and his audience.
The album explores various themes, from the challenges of pursuing a career in music to the artist's own personal journey of overcoming depression. These deeply emotional subjects are woven into the fabric of the album, creating a rich tapestry of experiences that listeners can connect with and find solace in.

During live performances, the artist emphasizes the importance of connecting with the audience on an emotional level. This connection is forged through a powerful combination of eye contact, feeling the energy of the crowd, and playing with silence. For the artist, experiencing a moment where 200 people in a room are completely silent, not talking at all, and intently focused on the music is incredibly rare and profound.
The story of the woman whose son struggles with depression is a testament to the power of this connection. At one of the artist's concerts, she left a note stating that her son found solace in the music, and she believed it had helped him. This deeply touched the artist and reinforced the belief that music can be a source of comfort and healing, made even more potent by the shared experience of the live performance.

By delving into these personal and artistic themes, "Bloom" promises to be an album that is not only musically innovative but also deeply moving and transformative. The artist's willingness to share his unconventional journey and creative process invites us to reflect on the beauty of imperfection and the power of music to touch and transform our lives. As the album release nears, we eagerly await the chance to immerse ourselves in this captivating and deeply human musical universe.