Sandra Nkaké


Sandra Nkaké is a thoroughgoing, authentic and generous French artist singer-songwriter born in Cameroon. She has created a world of her own that she keeps on exploring and reinventing. Her powerful and unique voice unfolds on stage with a magnitude and magnetism that the audience receives like a present. Sandra Nkaké has one of the most moving voices of the current music scene.

After three solo albums and a Victoire de la Musique in 2012, she has won over the audience and critics on stage during major pop and jazz festivals in France and abroad. She writes and composes her songs, imagining and embodying a unique world around them in video clips she co-writes as well as in the staging of her performances or her outfits and photos.

SCARS is her fourth album and a jewel with powerful, soulful and organic songs that make us travel, weightlessly, hanging to a majestic momentum through Sandra’s lyrics. Her long-awaited comeback captivates us and takes us to a world giving pride of place to the energy of rock and moving folk songs from the first notes.

Sandra Nkaké has sharing and defending singularities at heart; she considers music not as a purpose, but as a means to create agoras, vibratory spaces in which everyone belongs, with their unique features. Those values have been impersonated in her music since the beginning of her collaboration with Jî Drû as much as within her creations and the encounters she made along the way.

If songs, pop and indie music part of her DNA through the creation of the acoustic trio [ELLES], her duet with La Chica, Protest Songs (a cappella quatuor with Jeanne Added, Camélia Jordana and Raphaële Lannadère), jazz is too as evidenced by her collaboration with Jî Drû quartet, Tribe From The Ashes, Autour de Chet, and TRIO SR9). Her theatre and movie choices, as well as the cultural actions she carries out on the margins of her tours, her residencies and together with various associations (singing workshops, masterclasses with groups of women) reflect those values too. She is the TV host for Platine Africa on TV5 Monde which puts Afro-Caribbean music in the spotlight.

_____ Sandra Nkaké ______

LES INROCKUPTIBLES / Wonders only Sandra Nkaké is capable of

FIP / An extraordinary tone of voice which makes her an essential part of the soul scene

LE MONDE / In tune, command of breathing, accuracy of her singing

TELERAMA / Her concerts make life more beautiful

L’HUMANITE / The rebellious Venus

FRANCE INFO / Extraordinary voice

RFI / Incredible voice

ELLE / A rock whirlwind


  • Sandra Nkaké released fourth album "SCARS"
  • Sandra Nkaké releases new single "UNDER MY SKIN"
  • Sandra Nkaké releases new single 'SISTERS'

    Sandra Nkaké releases new single 'SISTERS'

    28th février 2023

    "To my sisters at heart, to the women in my life and to our impromptu and yet so necessary meetings, which are an opportunity to talk about everything and nothing but above all to say the essential with sometimes little. To those I don't know, to those I have met, to those I have listened to, to those I have read, who have given me strength and impetus, I would like to say that I am at their side, that we are there for each other, and that our union, the kindness we show each other, is our power. Our sisterhoods." Sandra Nkaké

  • Sandra Nkaké releases first single "La Voix Eraillée" announcing new album

    Sandra Nkaké releases first single "La Voix Eraillée" announcing new album

    24th janvier 2023

    "My voice is my signature. It has embraced my pains, my questionings, my revolts. The uprooting, the violence experienced in the different periods of my life have left traces on it that can be heard. It took me some time to tame it and to understand it. This voice that sometimes escaped me has become my ally, my sister. It draws the road that guides me towards myself and leads me to you. " Sandra Nkaké.

  • New Signing - Sandra NKaké

    New Signing - Sandra NKaké

    13th octobre 2022

    Nous sommes heureux d'annoncer la signature de l'artiste, SANDRA NKAKÉ.