Sandra Nkaké releases new single "UNDER MY SKIN"

Sandra Nkaké releases new single "UNDER MY SKIN"

Some scars are not visible. They are nestled deep in the psyche, deep in the flesh. I carry within me my mother's wounds, her cracks, her failings, her fears. I carry within me the shocks of my life but also those that she transmitted to me in spite of herself. I summon the memory of the day I was born in this insalubrious place where my first cry allowed me to stay alive. She was 19 years old, still a child, who did her best to welcome me. Putting all this into perspective allowed me to understand what she had gone through, and thus to grow up, finally.

Sandra Nkaké



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    Sandra Nkaké releases new single 'SISTERS'

    28th février 2023

    "To my sisters at heart, to the women in my life and to our impromptu and yet so necessary meetings, which are an opportunity to talk about everything and nothing but above all to say the essential with sometimes little. To those I don't know, to those I have met, to those I have listened to, to those I have read, who have given me strength and impetus, I would like to say that I am at their side, that we are there for each other, and that our union, the kindness we show each other, is our power. Our sisterhoods." Sandra Nkaké

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    Sandra Nkaké releases first single "La Voix Eraillée" announcing new album

    24th janvier 2023

    "My voice is my signature. It has embraced my pains, my questionings, my revolts. The uprooting, the violence experienced in the different periods of my life have left traces on it that can be heard. It took me some time to tame it and to understand it. This voice that sometimes escaped me has become my ally, my sister. It draws the road that guides me towards myself and leads me to you. " Sandra Nkaké.

  • New Signing - Sandra NKaké

    New Signing - Sandra NKaké

    13th octobre 2022

    Nous sommes heureux d'annoncer la signature de l'artiste, SANDRA NKAKÉ.