Kiasmos return with new EP + live dates

Kiasmos return with new EP + live dates
Maximilian König

When Kiasmos started out in the late 2000s, little did they know that their part-time supergroup would go stratospheric. It was the sound of two old friends from neighbouring islands – Icelandic composer Ólafur Arnalds and Faroese musician Janus Rasmussen – striking out against the stark piano and electropop music that they were individually celebrated for and effusively sharing their love of Berlin-inspired beats. But their pairing blew up into a world-dominating live act whose music went on to define the decade. So what does one of the most dynamic duos in electronic music do next, after all this time? There are clues in their new artwork: Kiasmos’s distinctive diamond motif, up in flames, so it can rise again from the ashes.

So what does one of the most dynamic duos in electronic music do next, if ‘next’ is a decade later? Today they set the stage with ‘Flown’ – three songs that introduce an almost otherworldly feel, sailing, flying and spinning into new territory that lands softly, somewhere in the clouds, between electronic, classical, ambient and rave.

“We're excited to share this new release, which differs slightly from what we've done before but feels right for us now” Rasmussen explains. “They were written in different locations around the world, contributing to each track’s general vibe. Flown is a relatively new song and is one of the tracks that seemed to want to be born as quickly as possible. Those types of songs tend to be some of our favourites, as we don’t have to overthink them.”

"Flown is our collaboration’s return to a journey of curiosity and discovery”, Arnalds adds. “Written in Iceland it was inspired by UK electronic music as well as modern classical - we tried to find a middle ground where those worlds could all meet. The titular track is followed by Told and Dazed, both initially written on our travels around the world and we have added influences of sounds from the local environment, such as the sounds of rainforest and the Balinese Gamelan instrument.”

Listen to “Flown” EP:

Watch “Flown” video:

Kiasmos live dates: 

27.05. Reykjavik, Gamba Bíó (IS)

29.05. London, Outernet (UK) SOLD OUT

31.05. Berlin, Huxleys (DE) SOLD OUT

01.06. Mayfeld Derby, Mannheim (DE)

02.06. Opia Festival, Utrecht (NL) SOLD OUT

28.06. Paradise City Festival, Brussels (BE)

29.06. St. Gallen Festival, St. Gallen (CH)

12.07. Audioriver Festival, Lodz (PL)

13.07. BBK Festival, Bilbao (ES)

26.07. Popmesse, Brno (CZ)

02.08. All Together Now, Waterfront (IE)

10.08. Grape Festival, Trencin (SK)

11.08. Sziget, Budapest (HU)

Ticket links:

‘Flown’ track list:

1. Flown

2. Told

3. Dazed


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