Marco Haas embarked on his musical journey as an inventor, he is one of the founders of the "Shitkatapult," label. Haas delved into electronic music upon relocating to Berlin in 1998, adopting the moniker T.Raumschmiere. His early releases on Shitkatapult and Kompakt showcased a blend of bass drum and ambient elements, marked by a bold, darkly charged sound. With albums like "Stromschleifen" and "Zartbitter," T.Raumschmiere carved a distinctive path in Berlin's electronic music scene, further solidifying his presence with the landmark ambient double album "Anti" on Hefty Records in 2002. This period witnessed Haas's rise to prominence, leading to extensive worldwide tours and acclaim for his innovative contributions to electronic music.
He has collaborated with artists like Miss Kittin and Ellen Allien and played a part in the resurgence of the schaffel beat in the mid-2000s. His other projects are Mrgot Erkner and St. Raumen. 

In 2003, a documentary by ARTE presented T.Raumschmiere as the main representative of "Dreckelektro".