Cosmic Wacho


The Málaga-based duo Cosmic Wacho is made up of the spanish Alejandro Domínguez (Aless) and the argentinian Franco Felice. Born in the middle of lockdown (2020) and with a background far removed from tropical roots, the two producers and musicians have come together to form a project that bridges the gap between Latin sonorities and the urban avant-garde. Cumbia, as the favourite daughter of Latin American rhythms, serves as a mothership to transport the mothership to transport Cosmic Wacho's lyrical and sonorous conceptual mix of sounds that recreate a musical universe unheard of on the current scene.

Like immersing yourself in a bubble bath in the middle of a tropical sea. This is the fantastic debut album of the same name by Cosmic Wacho, this fabulous Spanish-Argentinean duo who have made Latin their vocation and urban their devotion.

Effervescent and relaxing, hypnotic and vibrant, Cosmic Wacho drinks equally from the most ancestral tradition and the most radical modernity. In their sound you can find that musical and psychedelic jungle whose fauna is inhabited by cumbia, bachata and calypso, which flirt with trap, hip hop and pop.

It's almost as if the Meridian Brothers went out for tequila with C Tangana, or as if Kevin Johansen would get tangled up with Flowering Inferno. An invitation to enter a unique world world full of sonic sensibilities in which Cosmic Wacho are our best guides.