New Releases in October!

New Releases in October!

A lot of great releases from Edition Wilhelm Hansen and Wise Music Group the last few weeks! 

PRISMA - All Inclusive (single)

Love Shop - Blues Europa (album)

Ankerstjerne ft Jimilian - For Sidste Gang Igen (single)

My Heart Is Electric - ElectraRock (single)

Marte Eberson - Free (album)

Hania Rani - Ghosts (album)

Hauschka - Philanthropy (album)

Anoushka Shankar  - Chapter I: Forever, For Now (album)

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  • PRISMA Gives you ‘Something To Respond To’

    PRISMA Gives you ‘Something To Respond To’

    19th apríl 2024

    In times of global turmoil, PRISMA brings renewed thoughtfulness into their anarchic pop-harmonies! The long-awaited debut album by the acclaimed Danish sisters is a counter-reaction to a World that roars – a place to seek and find hope within songs of identity.

  • Hauschka plays a Tiny Desk Concert

    Hauschka plays a Tiny Desk Concert

    16th apríl 2024

    Renowned for his unconventional piano performances, Hauschka returns to NPR's Tiny Desk with his ingenuity on display. Transitioning from the grand piano to a smaller upright, he showcases his adaptability and versatility in a less controlled setting.

  • Hania Rani - NPR Tiny Desk Concert

    Hania Rani - NPR Tiny Desk Concert

    29th janúar 2024

    Hania Rani visited NPR to give a fantastic Tiny Desk Concert. Hania Rani makes beautiful music that’s haunted, yet enchanted.

  • PRISMA - Kingdom

    PRISMA - Kingdom

    26th janúar 2024

    Step into PRISMA's Kingdom 👑

  • PRISMA x Berlin & ESNS

    PRISMA x Berlin & ESNS

    11th janúar 2024

    PRISMA is playing shows in Berlin & at ESNS in The Netherlands.