Jordane Tumarinson


Jordane Tumarinson is a French composer and pianist you should really try follow. « ETHER », his seventh album, will be released in 2023 by Naïve.

This artist's instrumental and neoclassical music is a true pearl of delicacy and softness. One can feel his cinematographic potential is real as his creations arouse strong emotions and mental images in abundance.

Jordane Tumarinson inherited his artistic sensibility from his father who was a photographer and a his great-grandmother, who was a pianist and opera singer. However, it was only at the age of 19 that he started playing the family piano and discovered his talent. For four years, he practiced assiduously and learned to reproduce by ear the songs of his favorite groups like Pink Floyd or Radiohead before turning to classical music with Chopin, Beethoven or Rachmaninoff.

Encouraged into medical studies, he abandoned the keyboard in favor of his studies and settled down as an osteopath and acupuncturist in the west of France, where he worked for several years. It was not until he was 33 that the piano found a place in his life again, and with it, for the first time, the desire to try composing.

This is where Jordane Tumarinson reveals himself and discovers an endless flow of creativity that he can no longer restrain. Dozens of songs spring from his fingers, dictated by an intuitive and sensual inspiration, as if to express everything that had been restrained until then and make up for lost time. The different musical colors become so many keys to release forgotten emotions, feelings or sensations and the melodies then take on a therapeutic dimension that he would like to share.

To do this, he decides to ‘fix’ his creations on recordings that he makes alone at home and to reveal them on the web. His cinematographic instrumentals, sometimes dreamlike, sometimes rhythmic, always refined, then meet a dazzling interest on streaming platforms and this, without communication and without entourage. His track « Morphée » is a real digital success, now exceeding 11,500,000 plays, while his album « L’envol » helps him to open doors to some European labels.

Passionate and hypersensitive, the prolific artist has released many unpublished singles and produced no less than five albums between 2018 and 2020. Woven around themes that are dear to him, the titles are conceived as emotional stories that follow one another in a coherent whole, sailing freely between neoclassical and contemporary romantic music.

Strongly influenced by nature in life as in art, Jordane Tumarinson is also the bearer of the ambitious project of Uto’pians, a compilation to which composers from all over the world are invited each year and of which part of the profits are donated to an association for the protection of nature.

Signed on Naïve Records, Jordane Tumarinson will be releasing his seventh album, «ETHER», in 2023.