Divorce From New York


Spanish producer Alvaro Granda (AKA Kino International) unveils his brand new musical alias Divorce From New York. Known for his work as one half of San Sebastian based production duo Reykjavik 606 (who have previously collaborated with the likes of Tenderlonious and Ishmael Ensemble) Granda creates a rich web of broken beat flavours, uplifting sonics and syncopated rhythms - melding elements of jungle, house and bruk with jazz sensibilities.

‘This Ain’t Jazz No More’ was created as Alvaro’s newly born son was nursing. As ongoing paternal duties resulted in a scarcity of studio time, his creative workflow methods had to be streamlined in order to allow bursts of creativity in short timeframes. Going back to basics, Alvaro drew inspiration from his extensive vinyl collection for his new stage in life.

Delivering seven tracks of jazz infused, dancefloor-igniting magic - Alvaro utilizes driving percussion, dusty breakbeats and soulful key flourishes and emotional string swells – captivating the listener from start to finish, channeling ambiences from smokey basement clubs around the globe. From the powerful groove of first single “Venice Beach” through to Hector Plimmer’s high octane yet ethereal reimagining of “Formula Paraiso” - this is one to watch out for on the dancefloors.