Anna Rosenkilde



Anna Rosenkilde is a Danish composer, songwriter, film composer, singer and instrumentalist.

She has released two critically acclaimed solo albums "Under the Skin of a Skeleton Zebra" (2010) and "White Woods" (2012) and played more than hundred concerts with her original music in Denmark, Northern Europe, USA and Africa.

The last few years she has scored several short fiction, documentary and animation films including the feature documentary "Dreaming Murakami" (2017), which has travelled to film festivals all over the world. She studied at The National Danish Academy of Music and finished her master degree in Film Composition in 2018.

Her style of music is often atmospheric, simple layered, poetic and melodic, and combines acoustic elements with electronics.

Her other compositions include music for choir, music for a dance performance and the music/sound art part of a collection of audiovisual artworks.