PRISMA Gives you ‘Something To Respond To’

PRISMA Gives you ‘Something To Respond To’
Bobby Mandrup

In times of global turmoil, PRISMA brings renewed thoughtfulness into their anarchic pop-harmonies! The long-awaited debut album by the acclaimed Danish sisters is a counter-reaction to a World that roars – a place to seek and find hope within songs of identity.

“The different states we wanted to portray resonate with the album’s genesis. Through alternating soundscapes and tempos every song became a small intimate short story - adventurous or personal letters to an unknown recipient. They are musical fragments, gut feelings, snapshots, intuitions and at the same time the album has a shared mantra; how every movement and energy is connected to the bigger picture and affects the world we live in. It’s quite complex yet very simple,” Sirid and Frida tells about the making of ‘Something To Respond To’.

Their unique sound is literally something to respond to and songs like ‘I Never Wanted To Meet You’, ‘Villians of the Night’ and ‘Kingdom’ have been praised by numerous influential media outlets around the World. In Denmark, PRISMA has become one of the most renowned new acts claiming a Danish Music Award as “Best New Live Artist” in 2022 and the prestigious Carl Prisen as “Best Rock Composers” of 2023.

‘Something To Respond To’ is out today, April 19th via No3 / One Seven in collaboration with Junobird.



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