Emile Londonien debut album out today - 'LEGACY'

Emile Londonien debut album out today - 'LEGACY'

We are pleased to announce the release of Legacy (Omezis /Believe), the debut album of Strasbourg based trio Emile Londonien

“This first album is the purest creation yet from Omezis, a Strasbourg collective and the fertile artistic ground from which Emile Londonien emerged. The result of improvisations and reflections around the theme of contemporary jazz, Legacy plays with time, in its own time, while laying the foundations of a reflection that sees music as a conversation with history.

We are all heirs of our influences, children of our references, and a synthesis of what surrounds us. We cherish this passing of the baton, sometimes immersed in the archives, sometimes witnessing contemporary revolutions. We owe as much to the pioneers of traditional and British jazz as to those of house music and broken beat. To claim our heritage and offer a conscious, contemporary vision ; that is the challenge that animates us"  (Emile Londonien)


  • Matthieu Drago / Drum, percussions
  • Midva / Piano, Rhodes, Synths
  • Theo Tritsch / Bass Guitar


  • Remy Arenas / Percussions on 1,6,9
  • Antoine Berjeaut / Trumpet on 1,9
  • Sven Boyny / Viola on 9,10
  • Loise Campagna / Flute on 2,9,10
  • Lara Issa / Vocals on 6,7
  • Kuna Maze / Synth, Dub Siren on 7
  • Leon Phal / Saxophone on 1,9        
  • Jeremie Revel / Guitars on 4,9,10

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