Shadow World - Prints by David Sylvian

Shadow World - Prints by David Sylvian

“Plato suggested that a person chained alone inside a cave, unable to see the outside, would formulate their ideas of the physical world based on the shadows projected onto their cave walls.”

This text was the inspiration for a special folio of original prints by artists David Sylvian, Lance Austin Olsen, and Jamie Drouin.

Each artist was invited to interpret the theme in their own way, and to produce two unique visual artworks. Implementing a range of printing methods including letterpress, woodblock relief, giclée, and hand applied ink, the resulting six prints are housed inside a handmade paper folder with string-tie closure.

Extending upon the theme of an ever-shifting reality, the artist names, signatures, and edition number only appear on a page included inside the folio, with the six individual prints left open for association.

Shadow Worlds uses acid-free cotton, baryta, and rice papers with archival pigment inks to create an enduring and unique art object for the private collector or institution.

David Sylvian: ‘Only 25 copies available and they’re priced accordingly. Only for those sincerely interested in the work of the three artists in question. More accessible releases to be announced in the coming months. Lance and Jamie have solid reputations in the field of improvised music and Lance continues to lead a double life as a successful/revered visual artist. Jamie also runs Infequency Editions.”

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