New Signing - Cheap House


CHEAP HOUSE band is composed of Emile Londonien’s trio plus a sax player : Matthieu Drago (drums), Nils Boyny (Synthesizers), Théo Tritsch (bass) and Paul Schwartz (Saxophone) Cheap House melt two worlds together on a jazzclub stage : they play techno and house, using improvisation as would a DJ or a producer performing a late-night set, feeling the audience’s energy, leading them through loops, breaks, drops… But without any sequence or computer, all live on analog instruments. Post-electro Jazz. An acoustic “Jazz band” creating the big event closing the last Transmusicales Dec ’21! 1st Single: Rocket 808 Feat. Arnaud Rebotini. (Blackstrobe Rec. /Believe) Album: TBR on Naive Jazz (Believe) Co-publishing with Omezis Publishing Worldwide Life of Copyright.