James Jones


James Jones - Composer Showreel


James Jones is an acclaimed London-based composer working in the media of film, television and theatre, as well as composing music for the concert hall. Since graduating from the Royal College of Music, where he studied with Academy Award-winning composer Dario Marianelli, he has worked on a wide variety of projects illustrating his versatility across a range of musical genres.

James learnt the violin, viola and piano as a child, growing up in Pembrokeshire, and sang extensively in local choirs, becoming a member of both the National Youth Orchestra and Choir of Wales. His first compositional success came with an award for best composition at the National Festival of Music for Youth in 1995. Later, he studied at King’s College London, which included composition lessons with Sir Harrison Birtwistle, with whom he experimented with avant-garde techniques.

Over the past decade James has worked with many distinguished directors and producers. Film highlights include scores for the National Television Society award winning film, Rocket Boy Roger (dir. Russell Holliss), Soho Rushes award winning Washdays (dir. Simon Neal) and Mary & Mick (dir. Lesley Sharp). In television, the Three Day Nanny (prod. Simon Urwin), Touching The Wild (dir. Dave Allen) and Corals In Cold Water (dir. Birgitta and Armin Mueck) are particularly noteworthy. In theatre, Only Our Own (dir. Lars Harold Gathe at the Arts Theatre), Pentecost (dir. Gavin McAlinden at St Leonard’s Shoreditch) and Fewer Emergencies (dir. Dan Ayling at the Print Room) were all stand out productions.

James has also worked as a conductor and copyist for highly-regarded composers including Anne Nikitin on the BAFTA winning feature film the Imposter and BBC Two’s Natural World; Alex Baranowksi on the xx symphony (Radio 1) and Henry VI at Shakespeare’s Globe; and Tom Howe on the album Changing Moods for Imagem Production Music.

At the beginning of 2014, James had the privilege of having his symphonic work Irrational Exuberance performed by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales (conductor, Jac van Steen) at the Hoddinott Hall, Cardiff.

James is represented by Rebecca Drake-Brockman, at Eaton Music.