Hype Williams


Hype Williams is a purported 'relay' musical group, best known for being made up of UK-born artist Dean Blunt and Russian-born artist Inga Copeland between 2007 and 2012. The group's lineup has remained obscure due to other members' engagement outside of the music press. John T. Gast has also been named as a member of the group, and an associate named Denna Frances Glass has been invoked as a potential member or leader of the project.

The duo has remained elusive, giving few interviews and leaving the media in doubt as to the exact nature of the project, which encompasses their unique style of electronic music and the YouTube channel pollyjacobsen, which features a bizarrely cryptic range of content, run by Blunt. Their work has incorporated opaque imagery and contexts, as well as an idiosyncratic online presence, occasionally uploading new songs before promptly deleting them with listeners often keeping archives.